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So far as I know, the United States is the only country in the world that allows a jury of peers to determine our rights when we are wronged. In olden days, it was an eye for an eye, or a tooth for a tooth. If someone crossed onto your land and broke your arm, you had a right to go onto their land and break their arm. That was not a civilized way to settle matters.

In our country we have a system of money damages. If a wrongdoer harms you, you have a right to present your case to a jury, a jury of 12 men and women. The jury hears the evidence and decides what an appropriate remedy for the harm you incurred is. And that makes sense.

That is what we call a lawsuit. It is a civil way to determine genuine disputes.

Lawsuits are under attack by big corporations and insurance companies, because lawsuits even the playing field. Big corporations and insurance companies have to answer to the jury’s verdict no matter how big they are. That is what big corporations and insurance companies hate about our jury system of justice. They can’t do whatever they want, they have to follow the law, and a lawsuit is what makes big corporations and insurance companies follow the law.

If you have suffered harm at the hands of a wrongdoer, a lawsuit is a means to compensate you for the harms you endured. It is one of the basic principals our country was founded upon. If someone says lawsuits are ruining our country, ask them what they would do if they lost their home and the insurance company failed to pay…or if a drug company made a drug that killed their child…You might be surprised…they would be the first one to the courthouse.

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