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Will the victims of this horrible accident receive justice? It is a grave worry that because so many of the victims did not speak English, they will not be justly compensated for their pain and suffering. Police have now identified another victim in the wreck, Raul Lopez. The Tornado bus line crash also claimed the life of the driver of a pick up smashed by the bus when it crossed the center line of I-40. Was fatique an issue for the driver of the bus, Felix Tapia? Who has oversight responsibility for the safety of people who innocently place their lives in the hands of a driver who has had multilple speeding tickets in the past few years?

The Arkansas State Police will look at the bus and its mechanical components and review any paperwork that is required to maintain the bus. The National Transportation Safety Board would be the ones , however, to review the Tornado’s safety and driver policies. They will not get involved in this wreck. Why not? Are the victims not important enough to bring this watchdog committee on board? When a board spokesman was questioned, he casually dismissed this case with the comment, “We don’t investigate all highway accidents.” They surely could, though, investigate a crash endangering the lives of 46 people and killing 3. This was not a tiny fender bender down by the local grocery. The crash should be investigated. So many lives have been affected. We at Bailey and Oliver feel each and every person deserves someone to speak in their behalf especially when their lives have been so lightly dismissed by the ones who were supposed to be conducting them safely to their destinations. Call us today at the Bailey and Oliver Law Firm. We’ll get justice.

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