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Wouldn’t you as an attorney love to be a fly on the wall of the jury room during deliberations? You can come close if you choose Bailey and Oliver Law Firm to conduct a focus group for your case. The process that juries go through to reach a verdict are vital to understanding how to get that decision to be in your favor!

There are four concepts that I will address here. Unanimity, monitoring, leaving the Jury to deliberate, and a chance to really pay attention to the video of the jury deliberations.
Even though the jurors would not have to be unanimous in court, when we conduct the focus group we have them reach unanimous decisions because they must then take longer and argue more to decide. This way you get to hear each juror’s opinions and how they built the story in their minds.
Because you get to monitor the deliberations on video later, it is important to have each juror’s background information assessed so you can better understand what aspects of their lives lead them to reach each idea.
We take the process of leaving the jury to deliberate very seriously. You will find that nothing is allowed to distract or affect the jury’s decisions. We monitor very carefully the entire process so that nothing but the facts of your case are the primary concerns.
You will have our assessment of the focus group along with the actual videos of the process. I have found it to be amazing what you see and hear the second and third times that you hear the jury’s reasoning on all issues of the presentation. And last but not least, just absorb the chance to be in the room for once as a sample group of jurors debate the merits of your case!

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