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I have been dependent on contact lenses since 1976. Because my eyes were very weak, my glasses were as thick as stain-glassed windows. At that time, doctors waited until a patient’s eye prescription had leveled out or stopped getting worse. For me, my life changed especially where the opposite sex was concerned! Boys and men just sometimes don’t get past the glasses. In the interest of vanity, though, there should be caution when prescribing contacts for young people.

There has been a surge in eye infections and permanent damage from the use of contacts. All wearers should be aware of the risks involved. Serious conditions can result from contact wear which include infections and corneal ulcers. The key aspect of eye infection is that it is hard for an individual to know the extent of the danger. It is imperative to seek medical attention immediately so that the problem can be diagnosed and treated.

More extensive damage to eyes with contacts occurs in the allergy season. All too often, young wearers especially will attribute the irritation to allergy when they have a serious condition.

The FDA has a list of rules to follow which include the simple directive to remove contacts from the eyes but keep them to show the doctor as the contacts themselves may need to be used to determine the cause of an infection. With young wearers, permanent eye damage has occurred because they don’t want to put the glasses back on, even for a short time. It is so important for parents and caregivers to help keep an “eye” on young contact wearers and the state of the eyes.

The FDA has a complete section on contact lenses, risks and symptoms of infections. They also have information on corneal ulcers which can be prevented with proper cleaning and links to sites to report defective lenses and supplies. Check out this information and help keep your sights set on the future, see the FDA at

If you are like me this will be a topic that is of interest to someone in your family. Contact us here at Bailey and Oliver Law Firm if you need more information or have suffered any damage due to defective eye products.


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