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Everyday we hear about hospital acquired infection. MRSA has moved to the top of the list as a leading cause of death or prolonged hospital stay.
Health care is not as safe as it should be. According to the Institute of Medicine, a substantial body of evidence points to medical errors as a leading cause of death and injury. What can be done to prevent the spread of infection and medical errors in hospitals?
Prevention of the spread of infection could be as simple as having health care providers wash their hands between patients. A recent article stated that where doctors in a hospital were required to do a culture of their hands, the doctors were amazed at the results. Hospitals could remove door handles and use foot pedals to open and close doors. Recently there has been talk about insurance companies not paying for the care required by medical mistakes. Will that help improve patient safety?
Trial attorneys believe that only by airing medical errors will the medical industry be forced to put an emphasis on patient safety. We at the Bailey and Oliver Law Firm believe we have had a positive effect on the medical profession by airing medical errors. We all have to work together to make patient care safe and affordable. When preventable adverse events are a leading cause of death in the United States…at least 44,000 and perhaps as many as 98,000 Americans die in hospitals each year as a result of medical errors, something has to be done.

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