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Frank Bailey
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Is It Time For “Smart Cars”?

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With gas prices almost doubled, consumers are looking for much needed relief.  Maybe “Smart Cars” are the answer, but is it too soon?  Every day we drive to work, to the store, or over to our friend’s house and we see these huge trucks on our highways.

I think the way to deal with the gas crisis is to drive smaller more efficient cars, but not to drive smaller cars until something is done about the huge trucks on our highways.  Have you ever pulled up beside an eighteen-wheeler and just looked at the size of their tires?  You can read the size of the tire out your window…What would happen if that truck hit you?

Our accident construction expert has always stressed that, “mass is important.”  When you put a “Smart Car” up against an eighteen-wheeler, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out who wins.  That is why truckers are held to high standards.

Now, it is about time the NHTSA did something about the diverse size of vehicles on our highways and protected consumers. Trial lawyers every day are working hard to increase safety on our highways.  You can help these trial lawyers by contacting your Senators and Representatives and telling them it is time to take action to protect consumers.