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Daughter Suing Palos Heights Nursing Home for Mother's Death

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The daughter of a woman who died at a Palos Heights Nursing Home filed a lawsuit, Wednesday, in Cook Count Court, charging the facility with nursing home neglect and abuse that contributed to the death of her mother.

The complaint alleges Manor Care, at Palos Heights, failed to adequately provide her mother with timely medical care for various infections and medical conditions. She also suffered from dehydration and malnutrition while residing at the home, according to the lawsuit.

The woman was a resident from October through November 2005, she died in September 2006.

“The injuries that she suffered while in the nursing home were of such magnitude that they contributed to her death,” Levin said. “They are not the actual cause, they caused a debilitative state that shortened someone’s life.”

The complaint asks for more than $50,000, including attorney’s fees. An investigation into a complaint about her patient care was conducted by the Illinois Department of Public Health in June 2006.

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