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Johnson & Johnson continues to market DURAGESIC patches even though it appears their factories are still not able to produce safe patches. Juries in Texas and Florida have found in favor of families whose loved ones died as a result of a defective DURAGESIC patch. We believe there are more than 70 lawsuits now on file concerning these defective patches.

Although the FDA has been aware of the danger of DURAGESIC patches since 2005 when it received notice that 120 patients died using the patches, it has done little to protect the public other than issuing a safety warning in December. That is why lawsuits are so important in this area.

Since DURAGESIC patches generated $1.6 billion in sales last year, Johnson & Johnson is keeping them on the market. DURAGESIC patches are Johnson & Johnson’s eighth biggest selling product. Could that be why these dangerous patches are still being marketed?

The Fentanyl contained in these patches is stronger than morphine and can cause respiratory depression and death if there is a nick or cut in the membrane allowing a larger dose to enter the patient’s body than was intended.
If you have family or a friend that has suffered as a result of a defective DURAGESIC patch, we can answer your questions. It is time to make America a safer place to live, free from the greed of large corporations.