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Frank Bailey
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Being A Trial Lawyer

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Being from a small town in Arkansas, I am always kidded about being a hillbilly or a hootie (pronounced who tee) when traveling out of state.  It is not as bad though as being looked down upon be ordinary good people who have fallen prey to the propaganda put out by corporate America.  I am proud to look out for the rights of the little people, but being looked down upon for being a trial lawyer hurts.

 Not many people are aware of it, but Arkansas is continually ranked #1 in philanthropic giving of all the states…and the more I think about it, that is the way the people of Arkansas are…giving.

This last week, I had the opportunity to attend a conference with the InjuryBoard family of lawyers.  I learned that through the Internet, we have the power to challenge corporate America and hold it to task for the harm they cause ordinary good people.  I am excited.