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$16 Million Awarded to Widow in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

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The family of a man, who died over a decade ago, has been awarded a medical malpractice settlement of over $16 million by a Superior Court Jury.

This is one of the largest wrongful death verdicts in Connecticut’s history, to date.

The jury awarded the settlement to the widow of Gary Carlson, 49, of Stamford, a truck driver who died in 1994. The suit was against Dr. Robert Goldsmith and Stamford Medical Group.

The lawsuit claimed the Stamford Medical Group failed to diagnose and treat his cardiac disease.

In 2003, a jury awarded the family $10 million, but the defendants appealed. The defendants deny there was any medical malpractice.

“It’s a validation of the injustice that was done by the negligent taking of a good man’s life,” Koskoff said. “This was going to be time to enjoy the fruits of all those hard years working.”

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