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Frank Bailey

Important Information For Trucking Accident Victims

Trucking companies are dividing every department into a separate company to avoid liability. There is a separate company that qualifies drivers, a separate company that monitors logs, a separate…

Frank Bailey

Is It Time For “Smart Cars”?

With gas prices almost doubled, consumers are looking for much needed relief. Maybe “Smart Cars” are the answer, but is it too soon? Every day we drive to work, to the store, or over to our friend’s…

Sach D. Oliver

Tractor Trailer Accidents Kills Five People

In Pine Bluff there was a tragic accident that caused five people to lose their lives. The accident happened around 12:30 Saturday afternoon, eight miles south of Pine Bluff on highway 425. Sadly, four of those who lost their live were children.Roy Lee Jordan from Benton, Mississippi was traveling north on Highway 425 when his truck crossed the center line. The semi crashed into the victim’s car…

Chrissie Cole

Tractor-Trailer Driver Charged with Reckless Driving in Accident

A truck driver is being charged with reckless driving following a tractor-trailer accident that occurred Wednesday on the Capital Beltway, causing a traffic jam for hours.The traffic problems led to at least one other crash with minor injuries that morning, according to Police.The truck driver told state troopers he fell asleep while driving and next thing he knew, he had flipped over and landed…