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Chrissie Cole

Primary Seat-Belt Law Approved In Arkansas

The Arkansas House voted 60-31 on Wednesday in favor of a bill that would make seat-belt violations a primary offense.

Arkansas, like Missouri, now has a secondary seat-belt law, which means…

Frank Bailey

Basic Car Insurance Information

Car insurance is complicated. Attorneys don’t always understand policies that are filled with fine print. How can consumers be expected to understand what kind of insurance they are buying. This…

Drew Dixon

Why Uninsured or Under-insured Motorist Coverage is Necessary

With the cost of treatments for many injuries rising, people involved in accidents do not always have enough insurance to pay their bills after an accident. Almost every state requires a driver carry some liability insurance, but the sad truth is that not everyone does and chances are the ones that do are under-insured.

Frank Bailey

Cell Phones and Driving is Deadly

Evidence continues to mount that talking on a cell phone while driving is deadly.
Friday’s edition of the Baxter Bulletin carried a story about the driver of a trolley who was killed when the…

Drew Dixon

Nighttime Crashes Linked to Lack of Seat Belts

This past Monday the National Highway Safety Administration released a report stating that more than two-thirds of young drivers and passengers killed in nighttime car crashes weren’t wearing seat belts. This report should be an important reminder to all of us that teenagers don’t always listen to parent’s advice.

Frank Bailey

What is Enough Insurance?

Today I see the average price of regular gasoline went up to $3.78 a gallon. This is beginning to make a difference in the types of cases we see.
Consumers are buying smaller cars, but in a crash…

Frank Bailey

Cell Phones; Are Hands Free Safer?

Many studies show that talking on a cell phone while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk…even if the phone is a hands-free model. A study from researchers at the University of Utah, published…

Sach D. Oliver

Tragic Highway Accidents

This is a sad, and sorrowful story, but a realistic one. Two people lost their lives in separate highway accidents in south Arkansas this week. One took place on Sunday, and the other, on Monday. Unfortunately, the importance of driving safely is increasing on the roads today.

Frank Bailey

Cell Phones Cause Accidents

How dangerous are drivers using cell-phones? Employers are taking steps to limit use of cell-phones according to new studies. In April 2008 the Insurance Information Institute published an excellent…

Sach D. Oliver

Raul Lopez Рmuerte Рaccidente del autob̼s Рabogado

Un accidente terrible en I-40 cerca de la ciudad de Forrest tomó a tres vidas esta última noche de sábado. El accidente implicó un autobús, un acoplado del tractor, y un coche. Dañaron a las docenas de gente en el accidente. El autobús que causó el accidente perteneció a las líneas de autobús del tornado de Dallas, Tejas. Según el policía del estado de Arkansas, el autobús cruzó…