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Tragic Highway Accidents

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This is a sad, and sorrowful story, but a realistic one.  Two people lost their lives in separate highway accidents in south Arkansas this week.  One took place on Sunday, and the other, on Monday.  Unfortunately, the importance of driving safely is increasing on the roads today.


The first accident was a young boy, only thirteen years old.  He, with two others, was driving down the highway, while reportedly passing vehicles in a no-passing lane, when they collided with a truck.  The two passengers with the boy survived, and were both taken to the Magnolia Hospital.  The two passengers of the truck were also sent there.


The second accident happened at 5:30 PM, when a man lost control of his motorcycle, and careened into a field.  Sadly, he died on the scene. Motorcycles are so dangerous, we must all be careful when riding or driving around a motorcycle.


These are horrible accidents that remind us of how vital it is to drive ever so carefully.  Bless the souls of the families that have lost loved ones, and continue to drive safely.